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KHAIRUL (managing director)
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Smart Sheet Studio was established in March 2010. Located at Sri Kembangan, Selangor. The company was provided Interactive Web Design, Wedding Photo, Book Design, Corporate Video, Brochure, and Logo Design services. We believe the client need a creative and interactive design and fulfill their requirements. As many times, we always catch the clients expectation and make them trust to our company no matter who they are.

Executive Summary
Smart Sheet Studio uses the latest technology to provide any graphic and multimedia services. 
This means that the services provided achieve a level of high quality outcome.
Smart Sheet Studio is a new company with the creative idea and as such, we will need to meet market acceptance. To that end, the company is working to determine trends in the industry, the needs of the client, and how best to address the needs of customer.
Our services are geared for several markets, including companies, government projects, high schools, television stations, and many more. We will initially target companies sector 

with whom we can establish long term relationships with them.

Management Summary
The company’s management philosophy will be based on responsibility and mutual respect. Smart Sheet Studio will maintain an environment and structure that will encourage productivity and respect for customers and fellow employees. Additionally, the environment will encourage employees to have fun by allowing creative independence and providing challenges that are realistic and rewarding.
Smart Sheet Studio management team is highly experience and qualified. The management team is lead by Khairul Ridhwan.

Our mission is to become leading freelance and video production, graphic and multimedia company in state, utilizing the latest technology, provide the creative and interactive outcome to shift market share from competitors to Smart Sheet Studio.

Smart Sheet Studio is in business to cover events and special occasions on a freelance basis. What we will be providing is an alternative solution for the best creative design for the companies instead of that, we will sending the crews taking time out of their busy schedule, they can hire us to do the best service for them.
We will attend every meeting to understand client’s requirements, attend any event that we will have to cover for our customer. Using our experience, we will do the best design and editing to provide the high quality outcome and do the best service in term of our mission to provide the creative and interactive design for the customers.
Smart Sheet Studio will make the companies and video production for the target markets. Our services are not only limited to the Kuala Lumpur, we able to travel around the Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak. Our main goal is to contract our services to anyone who may needs.

Service Description
The operation begins with the client’s feedback of our marketing strategy, the client contacting Smart Sheet Studio with the intent of using our services. We will set up a meeting with the client. During the meetings, all the details of the companies are gather and all the relevant information pertaining the specific requirements. After that we do all the designing and editing while we set up the follow-up meeting to proceed the work for the high quality outcome and follow all the client requirements. We attend all the events and proceed to do the filming if needed. The final step is to deliver the soft copy to the clients.

Value Proposition
By using Smart Sheet Studio services to discover various events with our professional photographer and video shoot. We will do our best in our services to make customer satisfied. They can use our creative ideas to let their company be able to gain recognition of their products and services in their industry. We are in business will to provide a service to impress the customers with our outcome. We guarantee that our customers will receive first class service and a final product that is well worth the money invested.  To that end, we will do the project until we make the customer satisfied. At Smart Sheet Studio, we take pride in our work and it is our aim to be the best at what we do. We will conduct our business in a professional manner from our methods and character to our standards and ethics.

Financial Risks and Contingencies
The company recognizes that it is subject to both market and industry risks. We believe our risks are as follows, and we are addressing each as indicated. We face all the risks associated with being a new company in this industry.. We sure that we can overcome these with our experience and strategy in the industry and by quickly establishing desired relationships.