Keep both elbows close to your body (tucked in) and press the camera against your face. Grip the camera firmly with your right hand, and be careful not to move the camera as you apply pressure to the shutter button. Your left hand controls the zoom and focus functions of the lens while, at the same time, giving the lens support. (NOTE: Your left hand isplaced below the lens.. many new photographers mistakenly place their focus hand on top of the camera and this means you can’t use it as a support mechanism to keep the shot steady). This is one reason pros do not use the LCD viewfinder screen to compose their shots. It is preferred to put your eye to the eyepiece viewfinder as a means of keeping the camera still.
You can also stand against a solid object (wall, pole, tree, car, etc) to keep your body steady while shooting. Lastly, inhale and then exhale before shooting. Once you exhale and your body is still… take the shot. We move a lot while breathing.
1) Hold the camera with your right hand and bring it close to your face.
2) Tuck in your elbows to your body
3) Place your left hand underneath the lens
4) Stand against a solid object (if possible)
5) Inhale then exhale before you shoot

by Mustafa Davis.

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